Spring Revolution Daily News for 19 September 2023

19 September 2023
Spring Revolution Daily News for 19 September 2023

The National Unity Government (NUG)

· The Anti-Coup Committee (Korea) announced that they had donated the Korean currency equivalent to 100,000USD as their monthly contribution to the NUG on 14 September.

· At 10:00 am Sunday, there was a meeting (31/2023) between the NUG Central Committee on the Interim Public Administration and Township People’s Administration Teams from Tanintharyi Region, Ayeyarwady Region and Bago Region.

· In Gantgaw Township of Magwe Region, the revolution forces attacked the junta army erecting bunkers in Thindaw Village. Reportedly, 6 junta soldiers died.

· In KyarIn Seikgyi Township of Kayin State, both the junta army and the PDF lost members in their battle in Kale Village for three hours.

Revolution Activities

· On Sunday, the Myanmar community in France and Italy expressed their support for Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun to keep representing Myanmar people at the United Nations.

· In Sagaing Township of Sagaing Region, the junta army killed no less than 10 local people along their invasion into villages.

· In Myinmu Township, the junta army shot dead three civilians and a revolutionist.

· In Salingyi Township, local people conducted a rally in support of Myanmar’s Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun.

· In Northern Yinmabin Township, a rally of ‘Let’s not turn back in this revolution’ protested against the military dictatorship on Monday.

· In Sagaing Township, three junta troops have been invading and destroying local villages. Reportedly, the residents of 7 villages have had to run away.

· In Pulaw Township of Tanintharyi Region, the junta members shot dead 4 people from a displaced family in Lakku Village.

· In Kangyidaunk Township of Ayeyarwady Region, the junta army gave a 10-year sentence of imprisonment to the abbot of Shan Kyaung Monastery with a charge under the counter-terrorism law.

· The Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) reported to the departments of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development about MTI Energy, a Canadian oil company which bought shares of Yadanar Gas Bloc from the American Chevron Company.

Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs)

· On Mawlamyein-Yay-Dawei No. (8) Union Road, Karen National Liberation Army and the PDF conducted inspection for local security.

· In Moegok Township and Muse Township, there were battles between the junta army and Ta’ang National Liberation Army on Sunday. According to the TNLA, they managed to confiscate the weapons from the junta soldiers.

· In Loikaw of Karenni State, there has been fighting in town.

· The junta army has conducted more air strikes in the battles against Kachin Independence Army. At such time, there were air strike caution exercises near the headquarters of the KIA on the China-Myanmar border.

The Military Council

· The 7 Sense Production, owned by the daughter of the junta leader, has been arranging to show their movie ‘Rain Beyond the Time’ under the name of SM Winner Production.

· Dr. Aung Zayya, the junta Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, joined the opening ceremony of the 20th China-ASEAN Trade Fair held in Nanning on Sunday.

· Dwebu, a member of the junta army, and the junta Chief Minister of Kachin State inspected Puta-O for more attraction to tourists.

· Poe Ye Aung Thein, a member of the military junta, went to Bawlake of Karenni State. According to the junta propaganda media, he met with departmental officials.

Summary on 19 September

· There were cases of arrest among the members of the military junta led by Min Aung Hlaing. Afterwards, instead of the tours of military officers, the tours of their civilian members have been found on the junta propaganda media. In other words, it might be said that the fight for power has not finished among army officers.

· In recent days, the junta army has resumed killing the public in groups. Therefore, it is necessary to make it known to the international community.